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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  August 15, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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after a closed hearing that was held in the police detention center where 50-year-old native, gary giardano has been in custody. initially prosecutors asked for eight days more, but the judge agreed with a late petition to double the time to continue the investigation. this after the fbi's search, giardano's home friday night, where cell phones, computers, and documents were seized. still missing from the case, any trace of robin gardener. she went mising while the couple was snorkeling, but the body wasn't found. >> shortly after the ruling was announced, gardener's family said quote, we are confident in the decision made by the iowa rue aruban authorities and we are pleased with the way they
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handled our daughter's case. that statement from robin's family a few moments ago. live in the newsroom. thank you for that. police are back at the georgetown home where a 91-year- old journalist, author, and philanthropist was found murdered. her husband e-mailed the washington post an obituary. after the autopsy revealed inconsistencies, police launched a homicide investigation. andrea mckaren is live outside the scene tonight with a story that has lots of twists and turns. andrea. >> yes, it does, lesli. and tonight police are not calling draft's husband a suspect or even a person of interest in this case. but they found no signs of forced entry at this home. >> an hour ago, police investigators returned to viola drath's home where the 91-year- old was murdered on friday. multiple court records we obtained indicate a history of violence there. >> i have witnessed at least
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several, three or four actually, instances when the police have come for some sort of domestic disturbance. >> the criminal affidavit from 2008 details an especially brutal accident in which draft's husband who is 40 years her junior allegedly beat her over the head with a chair, threw her off a couch, pounded her head into the floor, and sat on her for five to ten minutes. at the time, she was 86 years old. he was 42. the case was never prosecuted. >> i never heard anything going on next door except for occasional parties, that seemed very controlled. >> drath and her 47-year-old husband were married for more than two decades. neighbors noted his unusual clothing. >> strange military outfits. seemingly long saber -- the outfits were definitely
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bizarre. some of the neighbors refer to him as colonel mustard. > online, moose describes himself as a secret agent, and militia leader who goes by the name -- he blogs about the iraqi military and is critical of the u.s. approach to the taliban. >> moose may have a troubled financial history. in 2006, the irs placed a $68,000 lien on this home. no comment tonight from drath's family members. they asked for privacy. reporting live from georgetown, andrea mckaren, 9news now. >> thank you. about 12,000 people are on the books in dc wanted for failing to appear in court for violating probation or violating parole and on saturday, 226 of them came forward on their own to face the music. it's a program called safe surrender, kind of a limited amnesty and allows wanted individuals to turn themselves in, but avoid arrest. judges and defense attorneys were on hand on saturday to
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handle all those cases, but the program remains in effect the next two saturdays. all right, hopefully this afternoon is a lot calmer than this morning. it was crazy. we had horses and it was a mess. >> what a morning. luckily we don't have that situation this evening, except as topper has been saying with the heavy rains, you want to be careful with high standing water along 66 or route 301 or route 5 in southern maryland. just a head's up. got the yellow light, because we have a lot of heavy traffic. let's start with the maps. at the river bridge, that is blocking the right lane. be aware of that and stay to the left if you are headed that way. let's take you out live. the inner loop of the beltway, basically right now between new hampshire avenue. the lanes are open, but that's a half hour ride there and now we'll take you to the southbound side of i-95. the same story, just heavy traffic right now leaving route 1 down to triangle with the lanes open there as well.
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back to you, lesli. >> our area is known to have smoother commutes come in the month of august, so they say. this morning that was far from the case. in prince georges county, it was a water main break in upper marlboro that created a huge sink hole that swallowed a car and its drivers. then, flooding stopped all the trains on metro's blue and yellow lines between reagan national airport and braddock road. those horses got stranded after the truck carrying their trailer broke down, but then along the dulles access road, the backups came after a deadly crash. kristin fisher is live where that shuttle involved is. kristen. >> one super shuttle passenger is dead, two more were taken to the hospital. the driver is fine, but he is being blamed for this crash. he has already been charged with reckless driving and not the first time. let's take a look at his driving record and you can see
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it is both long and troubled. his name is 59-year-old macadol and he got his first conviction last december. but before that, he was sited for failure to pay full-time and attention while driving, following too closely. no driver's license and speeding. then today, this is some video from the accident this morning. this is when the driver got his second reckless driving charge when he crashed his van into a concrete wall on the eastbound dulles airport access highway. upon impact, one passenger was ejected from the vehicle and died at the scene. the metropolitan washington police department is investigating. but the big question now is, with the driving record like that, why was hoffman ever allowed to drive a super shuttle in the first place? >> obviously we are in contact with the super shuttle company and we have charged this driver with reckless driving and pending the results of the investigation, other charges
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could be pending. >> super shuttle declined to answer any questions, but they did release this statement and it reads we are working closely with investigators towns the nature of the accident. there is a lot of questions here and investigators say that hoffman could still be facing more charges before this investigation is complete. back to you. >> kristen, thank you so much for that. hundreds of doctors and thousands of wounded warriors move to bethesda. still to come, we take you behind the scene at the new walter reid. top. >> showers primarily south and east of town. a couple showers out 66. remember now, they had lightning, so if you hear thunder, go indoors. if you come across a flooded street, don't cross it by foot or by car. we'll track these and let you nee know when we'll dry out. first, hundreds pause for a
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for a live roundtable discussion inspired by the legacy of dr. martin luther king jr. back now with an update on that horrific stage collapse. five people were killed. another four dozen injured when strong winds sent that stage crashing down. today, the fair reopened for business for the remembrance ceremony. several hundred people took part in that event. >> stage collapse had local fair organizers making sure they stay on top of safety. montgomery county agriculture fair managers say all the rides undergo a safety check every morning for each day of the fair. builders also say their concert stage can withstand 96-mile per hour winds. fire and emergency officials also talked with meteorologists
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constantly, especially when there are storms like last night. >> it got to the point where fire rescue personnel, law enforcement personnel had to shelter in places, the term we use in their respective vehicles. >> organizers add the pa system was used to warn fairgoers of last night's thunderstorm. they had some flooding, but no one was hurt. still ahead, one of the richest men in the world wants to pay more taxes. we'll tell you why warren buffet wants to pony up in five minutes.
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a first peek tonight at the remarkable medical care our wounded warriors will get at the new walter reid national military hospital in bethesda. they will be moving there from walter reid's dc campus ahead of a september 15 deadline. our bruce leshan got a one on one tour today. >> it was like my friends were doctors and they were treating
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me. they are some of the best doctors we have ever seen. >> the bottom line, the health and welfare of its patients. lance corporal in the new multimillion dollar physical therapy unit says he has never been better. really never better. >> i don't have to worry about arthritis in my knee. i don't have to cut as many toenails or match my socks anymore. >> tour different prosthetic legs. >> got a microprocessor in the knee. i have to charge it every knee. >> a better snow boarder than before he was hit by an ied in afghanistan. >> i was on the bunny hill all day when i went last time with my real leg on. >> the $1.2 billion expansion will make the new walter reid even bigger than the biggest mall in the world. 13,000 staffers, 1 million patient visits a year and organizers say it is all designed to heal our wounded warriors as quickly as possible. from the piano and fresh air in
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the lobby. >> here we are, an example of one of our icu's. >> to the best equipment and best view in the icu. >> here, you can be severely injured on a monday and you might roll into my icu on thursday. >> people will sometimes lose focus on the core mission, but hospital leaders here are determined to avoid the kind of scandal that engulfed walter reid a few years ago. >> from the beginning of the war, our hearts were always in it and our spirits were always in, taking care of warriors. we recognize some of the challenges that crept up along the way. >> one measure of success, the big dreams of the young patients. >> what are your dreams now? >> actually want to be a radiologist. >> a dream instilled by the doctors who have helped him. bruce leshan, 9news now. >> here's one measure of the advance of military medical
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care. the admirable says injured troops who make it to a medical unit has a 98.5% chance of surviving and that is far better than they've had in any war before. presidential candidate michele bachmann said she hasn't met anyone that wants their taxes to go up. michele bachmann, meet warren buffet. the investor written a piece for the "new york times." he says congress should raise taxes on income above $1 million so that wealthy people like him pay more. buffet says many don't face stiff income taxes, because they make their money from the stock market and that is taxed at the bargain rate of 15%. in tonight's consumer alert, a new study shows nice workers finished last, at least when it comes to getting paid. according to the academy of management, mean men earn nearly $10,000 more a year than nice guys.
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women who take the rude route make $1800 more than their kinder counterpart. high turnover rates at companies. i don't know about you, but i'll take a nice colleague over a mean one any day. >> i'm with you. >> you may be broker, but you know, you're nicer and all around better to get along. >> exactly. if you need some money, need some gas, go to our facebook page and like us. you have to like us. we have a winner. >> nice guys give out gas cards. >> our first gas card goes to lynn. she is the first winner. >> go lynn. she has been topped off with topper. all right, we had a full moon. a will the of thunderstorms over the weekend, but it was hard to see the meteor shower, but this is a great picture from space from the space station. that is a treat right there. isn't that just beautiful? wow. and they occur august between the 12th and the 15th, but it was hard to see them this weekend. if you go above the weather, clouds are not an issue.
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that is a great picture. all right, here's the radar. you can access this on our website, into southern maryland and we had some other activity go through the northern western visitors, around i-81. we are going to zoom in out 66. folks going out 66 westbound. we'll have heavy rain as you get past fairfax, you know, it gets heavy. nothing severe, but look for heavy rain past fairfax and toward the plains, out toward 16. nothing severe there, but pretty good rain fall rate. storms are moving slowly and high rain fall rates. they are going to move southeast through manassas and eventually cross 95 in the next 90 minutes. so you're going down between springfield and woodbridge. all right, let's talk about temperatures, because they are great. 80 right now in arlington. 79 in bethesda. 81 in college park. 79 in beltsville.
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that's a good deal. 72 up in columbia. looking at temperatures out to the west. 79 in reston. 80 in sterling. and 79 in leesburg. so the clouds did us a favor. we will talk about tropics, it's a good time to go to our website. and down load our hurricane tracker. it's free and cool stuff. we're going to go down here. this could become harvey. we'll keep you posted on that. it's a tropical wave moving through the islands and this was gert. it passed bermuda and moving on harmlessly out into the atlantic ocean. drying out for now. early shower or thunderstorm still possible tonight. dry for the morning commute on tuesday and an isolated shower is possible tuesday evening and a very nice wednesday. very nice wednesday. tonight then, early shower or thunderstorm. otherwise partly to mostly cloudy and comfortable. low temperatures in the 60s. all right, next seven days. nice on wednesday, upper 80s,
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sunshine, and then again, unsettled thursday and friday with showers and thunderstorms. upper 80s to near 90. much like the weekend. won't somehower and rain continuously. have it all blocked off because it could shower again in the afternoon. maybe a leftover shower on saturday. right now the weekend looks pretty good. >> all right, that sounds good. you know who else is feeling good, the redskins after their first preseason win. i know they have to go back to work, but that had to be a mood lifter today. >> lesli, the feeling is good here at redskins park, but we're going to tell you why all is not so good here in redskins land and it involves chris cooley. some big news coming up on number 47. why we may not see him for a while. we'll have that coming up in 9 sports next.
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and now, 9sports with dave owen. the best sports in town. the practice of the day completed. it's essentially victory monday after the skins beat the stealers 16-7. an impressive start for a team that had a lot of question marks. all the news is not good, in particular, chris cooley who missed his practice today. his surgically repaired knee continues to bother him.
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cooley saw the surgeon last week. mike shanahan doesn't think it will require surgery, but the position is in good hands with brett davis. >> you look at, do you get better every day? that's what he has done. he is working extremely hard both in the running game and passing game and he has practices. when that happens, usually carries over to game day. >> another area of concern, safety. it's hard to remember the last time o.j. practiced. once again, he sat out with a tender hamstring. his safety mate says he'll be able to practice later in the week. no setbacks for john beck. that's a good thing. his groin felt fine after this morning's practice. he is continuing to work with the ones going back and forth with the first team. but beck says he is fully aware that rex laid the gauntlent
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down. 207-yard performance. says he is happy the offense looked good, but beck says he isn't foolish. he needs to get in there and produce. >> we did really well offensively. moved the ball well, you know, carries over into next week and hopefully do the next thing and build on that. one side of me was thrilled for our guys because the hard work we did during training camp, it all paid off. i would have loved to be a part of it. >> ben don banks practice today, he took yesterday off after having fluid drained. he showed goodwill friday night on a kickoff return. he almost took it to the house. he has been dealing with swelling in the knee. let's talk baseball. if you go by the five-day series. he will hurl on wednesday, but we don't know where yet. he is looking to make his return in september. speaking of the big club. the nats have yet to sign any of their top three selections. they have until midnight to do
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so. if not, the team receives compensatory selections next year. let's check out nascar. they were rained out yesterday. look at these crashes here though. denny hamlin sliding and crashing into the wall. he was okay. that was a crash there. and he goes across the finish line and marcus taking the checkered flag, but just some incredible video there in nascar today. all right. lesli, as i send it back to you, i'm very happy training camp ends tomorrow. no more early wakeup calls for me and i'm really happy about that. we are live at redskins park, back to you in the studio. >> i know, all right thank you so much for that, dave. you want to take us out with forecast? >> a couple showers and thunderstorms south and east of town, so don't drive across the flooded street. we dry out tomorrow and dry out on wednesday and become unsettled on thursday and
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friday. >> that's it for us, the cbs evening news is next and at 7:00, anita is in with our area's only local newscast. have a great night.


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